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  • Whether a teacher’s personal service of a notice of defense on the district human resources department is valid and whether the teacher waived his right to a hearing; also included is a resolution, a 24-hour notice, a final notice and corresponding proofs of service
  • Whether the district has to give notice of non-renewal to its two temporary teachers prior to March 15
  • Non-reemployment of a probationary academic employee and documents to use in the non-renewal of the contract
  • Non-reemployment of a probationary academic employee
  • Suggested letter to employee regarding reemployment status
  • Letter regarding 39-month reemployment list
  • Letter to board regarding notice requirements for non-renewal of employment contract
  • Failure to provide notice as required by Education Code section 87610
  • Non reemployment of director of college relations and brown act requirements for agenda and reporting out
  • Nonreelection of probationary employees in school districts with an average daily attendance of less than 250 pupils
  • Overview of steps to effectuate non-reemployment
  • Procedure regarding board approval of non-reelection
  • Reemployment of troublesome teacher as substitute
  • Reassignment of part-time instructor
  • Break in service excused by offer of reemployment
  • Non-reelection based on lack of qualifications
  • Public purpose justifying expenditure of public funds to bring lawsuit
  • Non-reelection of first year probationary certificated employee
  • Reelection of county superintendent of schools
  • Response to assertion of improper notice of non-reelection based on tenure
  • Proper notice of non-reelection as probationary employee under Ed Code § 44929.21(b)
  • Lateral reassignment of classified speech assistant
  • Recommended board resolution and notice of non-reelection to non-reelect probationary teachers
  • A School District's Decision To Not Reelect A Probationary Teacher Is Not A Subject For Arbitration
  • Notice of non-reemployment
  • Nonreemployment of a contract employee on a two year tenure track: satisfaction of requirements set forth in Ed Code section 87607
  • Nonreemployment of a four year tenure track employee in her second year: satisfaction of requirements set forth in Ed Code section 87607
  • Response to assertion that referenced employees were not properly noticed of non-reelection on the premise that they were permanent and tenured for the school year
  • Whether employees were properly noticed of non-reelection as probationary employees
  • Documents for release from administrative position
  • Notices of possible release from administrative position pursuant to Education Code Section 44951 and Notice of possible non-reelection for Provisionary, Certificated employees pursuant to Education Code Section 44929.21
  • Propriety of releasing temporary, certificated employees prior to the end of the school year. Education Code § 44918
  • Release and reassignment of position as director library/media operations
  • Non-reelection of probationary teachers must be noticed prior to 3/15. Reassigned administrators 3/1
  • District right to reassign employee under Ed Code section 44951
  • Regarding non reemployment of temporary certificated employees. Decision in Kalamaras v. Albany Unified School District held that a school district cannot summarily deny a temporary teacher who has served 75 percent of the school year reemployment rights pursuant to Education Code Section 44918 merely on the basis of an unsatisfactory evaluation
  • Notice of release from administrative position and reassignment
  • Notices of possible release from administrative position pursuant to Education Code Section 44951, 44929.21 (criteria for release)
  • A summary of Education Code provisions and case law applicable to the layoff and non-reemployment of permanent and probationary certificated employees and the release of certificated employees holding positions requiring administrative or supervisory credentials
  • Criteria to release an individual in an administrative position and non-reelect a probationary certificated employee
  • Notice of release from administrative position and reassignment pursuant to Ed Code section 72411 and the contract of employment between employee and the district
  • Layoffs of certificated bargaining unit members and reelection-reassignment
  • Notices of possible release from administrative positions. Proper procedures
  • Release and reassignment of administrative positions pursuant to Education code Sections 44951 and 35031
  • Notice to acting administrators regarding release from acting positions and reassignment
  • Notice of non-reelection for probationary employees -Education Code Section 44929.21 does not require cause for non-reelection. Probationary teachers who are not reemployed for subsequent years are not entitled to a written statement of reasons or a hearing of their non-retention
  • Release and reassignment from administrative position (assistant principal)
  • Reassignment due to incompetency - an evaluation must precede the March notice
  • Non-reemployment of employee
  • What rights a college district has to terminate a certificated teacher who began his probationary period in January and remains probationary until January (2 years later), where no March 15 notice was given?

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